Flowers Inside: A Shabby Chic Summer Skybox

‘Flowers Inside’ 2 Rooms Skybox 32×16 Only 10 prims!

This skybox blueprint is 32×16, so it fits into any regular 512sqm parcel. It has 2 rooms and uses only 10 prims, including light pools.

Find out more at:¬†×16-Only-10-prims/4365284


This PROMO is ending soon: ‘Japanese Dreams’ Pack of 7 Skyboxes for 512sqm

Get it while you can! ūüôā

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NEW! Japanese Loft by the Sea

Japanese Loft by the Sea 1

Loft in modern Japanese style, with a balcony over viewing the sea, plus a sound box to give a nice ocean ‘soundscape’.

The skybox is 18x15x5, fits any regular 512sqm parcel… and has only 11 prims!

The sound box is 1 prim.

A large background window and a skylight provide lots of light.

You can use this skybox as your home, store, or small gallery.

Get it now here.